My name is Alex Fergus, and I want to be your coach.

I have been helping individuals change their body & achieve their goals for about 7 years now. Training & health have been a huge passion of mine - to the point where I quit a promising job at one of the worlds largest investment banks to open a gym at 445am each morning!

I love l training, I love being fit and healthy and I love competing. I am able to share this love and passion with others. I have learnt so much over the years from courses, certificates, books, coaches and most importantly, experiences. My backgroun in sports is very diverse - ranging from 1hour+ rows with a strict diet to stay under 72kg in the lightweight divison for rowing, to nearly 3x bodyweight deadlifts for a single rep to break a national powerlifting title.

During this time I have coached and trained numerous clients - with goals ranging from fat loss to muscle mass, and alot of sport specific goals included (triathlons, powerlifting comps, rugby etc). I have built a number of programs that have been tried and tested not only by myself, but from many clients. These programs have been fine tuned and are the backbone for alot of the programs I use for clients. But do not worry - you will not be getting a cookie cutter traijning program if you decide to work with me. Each program is customised on your goals, schedules, resources and injuries.

Read my about my journey here -


- ISSN Nutrition Certified

- Cert 3 & 4 in Health & Fitness (FIA)

- Bachelor of Management Studies (hons)

- Recomp Certified

- Superhuman Coach (still studying)


- 7 Years Personal Training (5 years full time)

- 15 Years Rugby Union

- 3 years Rowing (NZ Nationals & World Championship events)

- 3 Years Powerlifting (Best lifts - 245kg squat, 140kg bench, 250kg Deadlift at 90kg Raw)

- 3 Years Natural Bodybuilding (Novice Australian Champ 2012, Mens Open 90kg+ 3rd at Nationals 2013)